About me

Through several years of practice, I have experimented with many styles and have learned from excellent teachers throughout India, Europe and East Asia.

Today, I am not following a specific system or style, but simply seek a yoga that make me feel connected. In my practice, I am humbly aiming at self-introspection of the mind and body through the breath.

Currently, my daily practice includes Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and Vipassana Meditation (Goenka lineage). I travel to India as often as possible to deepen my practice and learn from the source.

What I teach

Along with a Hatha Yoga 300 hours Teacher Certificate, I have experience teaching classes for all levels. I aim to share Yoga in a safe and positive framework, where the ego is let aside, good alignement, and control of the mind.

My approach to Yoga place a slow, deep breath at the centre of the practice. With patience and dedication, both body and mind will become stronger. Yoga is for everyone, whether you can touch your toes or not.

I am constantly learning and am greatful to all the teachers I met in my life. Feel free to contact me for further informations, or check the classes I teach.