Hatha Yoga 60/90min

Whether you have practiced yoga or not, this class is the most versatile and can be adapted to every individual or group. The postures are held for longer period of time and will help you to gain more flexibiliy / mobility. The class can be vigorous or restorative. This classical Yoga will help you connect the body and the mind, and is accessible for all.

Ashtanga Yoga (Primary serie)

Following the sequence of Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore (India), including Sun Salutation, standing, seating, backbend, and inversion postures. Each posture is held for 5 breaths, and includes dynamic transition.

** Half serie can be covered in 60min and the full primary serie in 90min

Power Yoga

Dynamic style of yoga with open sequence. Power Yoga includes many standing postures with variations, and will raise your energy level. Perfect for people looking for a strong, vigourous yoga with limited time. Be prepare to sweat!

Pranayama (breath control)

The Pranayama course will guide you through 5 useful Pranayama techniques that will help you deepening your breath. Each technique has breath retention, that is hold depending on the practitioner level.


Basic meditation principles, to guide you through the first steps and help you to develop your daily practice. Sitting meditation is a great addition to any asana practice.

Inversion & Hand Balance

Always wanted to hold a handstand? Here, you will learn the correct alignment, key principles and preliminary exercises to give you the strength and the confidence for all your arm balances.