Approach to Yoga


Yoga means "union". Union between the body, the spirit, and the mind. Yoga is a powerful tool that help to achieve mental and physical health. Yoga can be practice by everybody, whether you can touch your toes or not. Regular practice is advised to gain full benefit from the techniques.

Along with a 300 hours teaching certificate, I have experience teaching various yoga classes of all levels, based on my personal experience and the excellent teachers that I have met over the years. My approach to Yoga place a slow, deep breath at the centre. The asana (posture) is performed following the breath. Changes in body and mind will occur with patience, dedication, and regular practice. Both body and minde will become stronger.

I aim to share Yoga in a safe and positive framework, where the ego is let aside to the advantage of deep breathing, good alignement, and control of the mind. I offer different type of classes that can be adapted to any individual or group. Feel free to contact me.